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I like selfies. And there’s nothing wrong with that

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Young women do it, Kim Kardashian is the queen of it, the Pope and Obama are experts, and even an ape has been seen doing it – stretching out an arm and smiling into a phone. Nowadays selfies are like an armada of tiny messages in a bottle cast out into the vast virtual ocean, each one calling out: Hello! Look where I am! For real! Isn’t it great?! Read More

Surfaces are anything, just not superficial

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While developing the concept for the new QS00, we took some time to carefully consider the road ahead for product design in general. We then reflected on how we could integrate this roadmap into our products in harmony with our idea of what makes a good writing instrument. Read More

Personalisation 2.0

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The new QS00 represents a small revolution in the world of haptic promotion. It turns the writing instrument into a realm of options which is only predefined in its basic form. You determine the rest. Read More

Why are logos blue?

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The first thing we notice with a brand is its colour. In a matter of seconds, a statement is made without a word having been said. And the colour remains in the mind. That’s what makes brand colours so important. A conversation with Swiss marketing expert Eckhard Sohns. Read More

The PromoFritz 2016 award goes to Prodir’s new QS00 pen

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We are happy to announce that our QS00 has been awarded the PromoFritz 2016 prize. Read More

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