Lugano: The curtain rises at LAC!

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Finally: the new arts and cultural center LAC opens today, on 12th of September, its doors in Lugano. Read More

On rocky ground, and thankfully so

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Passion is a must, as is the patience to allow things to grow, giving them the space and time to develop without changing their character: in essence, winemaking is the result of an intact relationship. Read More

On being Swiss

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Enter the word “Switzerland” into Google and then type “bor”. Its search engine will automatically suggest “-ing” to complete your search term. Not “bor-der” or “bor-n” but “bor-ing” – algorithmically legitimised. So that is what Google and the rest of the world think of us. Read More

Come on, jump!

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Neither New Zealand nor the Pyrenees – Ticino is the canyoning paradise in Europe. With over 40 canyoning routes in wild nature and within a relatively small area, there is something for everyone here, even for beginners. Read More

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