One million three hundred nineteen thousand six hundred forty eight times differently

Prodir DS9 - Custom pen combinations

Don’t yet think about the printing with which you will be leaving your mark on your writing instrument. And forget for the moment that you can of course choose a special colour for the casing. Because even if you were to ignore all of these personalisation options, 1,319,648 different configurations are possible for the DS9. Now that’s a lot. And each one tells its story differently. The choice is yours. 

Refillable push ballpoint pen in 20 exclusive standard colours, frosted and matt. Surface mix: With frosted casing, clip and push button are transparent, with a matt casing full-colour polished. Ring option with colour ring integrated into the push button specially for matt casing colours. Further options: Metal nose cone or push button, and mix & match colours within one surface. Eleven different refills and four print surfaces for printing in up to six colours.


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