Prodir retail pens presented at the Milan Design Week 2017

With our first Me, Myself and I collection, our writing instruments are also available in retail outlets, online and offline. So that everyone can now find the Prodir pen that suits them best. As individual and personal as a ballpoint pen can possibly be.

For us, it was extremely important that people from all walks of life be able to find a part of themselves in them. Which is why each writing instrument is different. Colour, material mix and surfaces give every single one a particular mood – from Oceanic feelings to Breaking the Grey and through to Anything but boring. That’s why we’ve named them Mood writing instruments. Because not only writing, but also the writing instrument is an unmistakable expression of one’s personality – and the mood that influences the person who is writing.

The launch of the new collection is set to take place during the Milan Design Week 2017. All those who are in Milan can visit us from 4 – 9 April in the Alias showroom, Corso Monforte 19 (San Babila underground station), and be among the first to discover the 24 Mood writing instruments of the Spring-Summer collection. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

We simply love to manufacture writing instruments that not only write well and look great, but that also tell credible stories.


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