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November 2014

On being Swiss

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Enter the word “Switzerland” into Google and then type “bor”. Its search engine will automatically suggest “-ing” to complete your search term. Not “bor-der” or “bor-n” but “bor-ing” – algorithmically legitimised. So that is what Google and the rest of the world think of us.

Prodir- Grapholigist-Mr-Netter-Prodir

Am I how I write, Mr Netter?

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Olivier Netter says that a person’s handwriting reveals a lot about the psychology of an individual. He is one of Germany’s leading graphologists. Handwriting is like the print-off of a seismograph – and sometimes small earthquakes can be recognised before they come to the surface.

A little bit longer, please

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Longevity is the key. It substantially improves the acceptance and effectiveness of a branded ballpoint. It ensures that it remains in use, goes from hand to hand among users multiple times and sometimes ends up in collections. Manfred Dreher, Managing Director of the German Prodir branch office, on the sustainability of pens which not only write but also communicate.