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A book made of stone

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Moses, the ancient Romans, the Chinese under the Shang Dynasty and the North American Siksikaitsitapi all knew one thing: whatever your message, writing on stone is hard. Fast-forward a few thousand years, and one German company is rewriting this ancient wisdom by making a lightweight, portable, readable, durable and sustainable notebook made of stone.

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Room with no view: Swiss #bunkerlife

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If there’s one thing the Swiss know how to do, it’s dig. Tunnels, bank vaults, storage facilities – in a country stuffed with mountains, the only way to go is… down. And the most impressive mass digging enterprise in Switzerland’s history is its national bunker system, a network of over 5,000 public and 300,000 private bunkers capable of housing well over 8 million people. But now, as many of them have outlived their original purpose, these bunkers are getting a makeover.

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Is that a Prodir pen in your hand, your bag, on your desk? Just check the small embossed name on the side of the clip on your nearest, or favourite pen. There are millions of Prodir pens all over the world, and you may have picked up yours at a trade fair, a company event, or a business meeting.

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Bauhaus at 100: 5 key lines from the school of design

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Simplicity. Functionality. Clean lines. These are just some of the principles that the Bauhaus school gave to the world, and from your IKEA bookshelf to your Apple iPhone, they continue to influence design today. But clean lines aren’t the only ones the school is famous for. As the world celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bauhaus, here are 5 other lines said by some of the school’s most famous artists and designers.

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